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Re: Teeth

In a message dated 97-09-06 03:03:22 EDT, you write:

> < Acrocanthosaurus sp.- Large serrated teeth of  of Marsh's "Allosaurus"
>   "medius". based on my observations of the OMNH material, casts and of
>  'Fran",
>   it seems certain (and logical) that Acro's ranged the east coast. >>
>  Any chance that _Dryptosaurus potens_ is based on your acro?

It is my understanding that D. potens ( RE  the Arundel) is both a nomen
dubium and the genus Dryptosuarus is a Late Cretaceous form better known from
the Late K of New Jersey.  Interestingly, Gilmore (I believe but I will have
to double check) renamed D. potens to "Creosaurus potens" ,  

The whole taxonomic story of this thing is a bit confusing so before I say
any more, I want to recheck my refs before I get blasted by somebody ;-)


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies