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I found this on rec.antiques and thought maybe someone here might help
him out, or at least get a kick of the topic.
I am otherwise not connected with him, so don't reply to me.

Subject:             ANTIQUE DINOSAURS
       Date:             Sun, 07 Sep 1997 16:51:07 -0600
       From:             JoeDeMarco@prodigy.net
Organization:             Deja News Posting Service
 Newsgroups:             rec.antiques

JoeDeMarco@prodigy.net wrote:

> Seeking antique dinosaur collectibles, especially those of European
> origin.  Some examples are Chialu of italy which are composition material
> dinosaur models, Orsenigo of Italy which are rubber models and Marolin of
> germany which are plastic models.  Also interested in some USA based
> prehistoric antique collectibles such as Miller Plastics, SRG and Alva
> metal and vintage Marx and MPC plastic in addition to Abbeon ceramics and
> Linde of Australia plastic.
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