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Re: Stegosaurus Plates

>In a message dated 97-09-06 03:05:10 EDT, 

<< I've been reading volume II of 'Dinosaurs Past and Present' and Stephen
 Czerkas has an excellent article on the arrangement of the plates on
 Stegosaurus, tracing the history and his own analysis.  Now this book goes
 back to '89 (I think) so is there any new info or is this article 

 so far?  The conclusion is a single row of plates with some overlap between 

 the shoulders and hips opposed to either the double row of matched or
 alternate plates. >>

Dinogeorge replied.....

>Alas, Steve's analysis proved incorrect. A new, virtually complete
>_Stegosaurus_ to be described by Ken Carpenter shows the plates in their 
>position, and they're in two rows separated by several inches.

Then the remaining question is.....matched rows or alternating?