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Re: Stegosaurus Plates

At 08:56 AM 9/8/97 -0400, Steve.Tomporowski wrote:

>>Alas, Steve's analysis proved incorrect. A new, virtually complete
>>_Stegosaurus_ to be described by Ken Carpenter shows the plates in their 
>>position, and they're in two rows separated by several inches.
>Then the remaining question is.....matched rows or alternating?

Alternating in _Stegosaurus_, paired in more primitive stegosaurs.

Part of the failing of Czerkas' analysis was his lack of attention to
phylogeny.  Other, more primitive stegosaurs (_Kentrosaurus_,
_Tuojiangosaurus_, etc.) have paired rows of scutes, so the expectation is
that _Stegosaurus_ had such, too.

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