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Re: Nesting strategies (was Big = Old = Advanced?)

At 05:54 PM 9/7/97 -0700, Bettyc wrote:
>Chris Campbell wrote:
>>  Second, hyenas
>> are consistently social while cheetahs are  not (consistent, that is),
>> whereas Dromaeosaurs were likely social and Tyrannosaurs were likely (or
>> not?) not social.  
>Considering all the T-rex-inflicted damage on Sue, I'd say T rex was

   Not nececellary.  BHI claims that the "Sue" site provides evidence of a
family group.  It is possible they formed prides such as lions do, and
defended territories and fought with other prides just as lions do.  I saw a
documentary where three rogue male lions killed the two male lions of a
pride and took over.  Perhaps this is what happened to Sue.

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