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Re: Predator relationships

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Chris Campbell wrote:
> liked about _The_Lost_World_ (the other being the nifty-keen effects);
> the portrayal of 'raptors as grassland predators and the _T._rex_ as a
> more forest bound species was interesting and fairly sensible.

"Grasslands" didn't exist back then.  A paper of 1993 (ref. if required)
talks about "prarie ferns" being dominant in this kind of niche.  But they
appear to be a mere 20 cm high!  It is though, I agree, an intriguing

I don't know why _T. rex_ would be a forest-bound animal.  Where does a
_. rex_ live?  Pretty much wherever it wants to.  If it depended on herds
of herbivorous hadrosaurs, it would live, or at least hunt (scavenge?) in
the open.  I forget what paper correlates the size of an animals shoulders
with the height of the lower branches of its forest (selection to
reduce bumping heads on things), but surely this would impact (as it were)
_T. rex_ as well.  I think this makes it highly unsuited to forests.