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Time(ly) questions

   I would be very grateful for any references to the literature that asks, 
answers, or muses over some of the following questions:
   1) The spatial organization of bone growth of Dinos: the existence of 
epiphyseal plates, ossification foci and the like;

   2) The temporal organization of bone growth of Dinos: are the bones ossified 
completely at hatching? what are the rates of growth? which groups show growth 
rings (seasonal growth)?

   3) Are there any ideas concerning dinosaur nocturnality vs. diurnality vs. 
bimodality (very large eyes for night-vision or switch to a different sense as 
primary eg. olfaction)? Also, what about seasonal events (reproduction, 

   4) Which groups of dinosaurs possess pineal and/or parapineal foramina or 

   Bora Zivkovic
   North Carolina State University