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Re: SVP meeting

rjmeyer@ix.netcom.com (Rob Meyerson) asked:

> Would someone tell me how I can get information on this years SVP
> meeting?  Is it too late to register?  Does it matter if I am not yet
> a member?  How are logistical things handled?

Annual meetings of professional societies generally allow admittance
to anyone who pays the registration fee for the conference
irrespective of whether or not they're members of the society (though
non-members pay more).  If by "logistics" you mean how you'll get
there and where you'll stay, societies will sometimes help (even
getting group rates at hotels, but at this stage of the game the
"official" places are likely to be filled), but other than that you're
on your own.  I haven't actually looked into the specifics for SVP (I
can't make it myself), but a good place to look for all relevant
information is the SVP website.  Oh yes, before I get to that... it's
*never* too late to register for a meeting (unless the meeting's
already occurred :-) but "early" registration is usually significantly
cheaper.  According to the registration form:


the early registration deadline is September 10th.  You're lucky in
that the deadline apparently means "postmarked by" so you don't even
have to pay Federal Express...  Anyhoo as a non-member student (with
proof of your status as a student) the registration fee will be $125
if postmarked by the 10th and $165 thereafter.  If you really want to
go, get off your butt and register!

The same goes to anyone else -- if you're not a student things get
steeper: $185 on the 10th and $235 thereafter.  Get those cards and
letters going...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

P.S. It may be obvious from the above, but the URL for general
information about the Society is: