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Re: Predator relationships

> Yes, jackals and vultures might be driven off, and jackals might even be
> harassed.  Interestingly, though, the cheetah is on average larger than
> most leopards; it could fight off a lone hyena or maybe even two
> relatively easily, but not without risk of injury.  Jackals and vultures
> just don't fight back, and are thus easy pickings.  :)

      Cheetahs are light weight sprinters.  I doubt they would tackle a
hyena (or leopard) under any circumstances

> probably didn't come into contact much.  This is one of the few things I
> liked about _The_Lost_World_ (the other being the nifty-keen effects);
> the portrayal of 'raptors as grassland predators and the _T._rex_ as a
> more forest bound species was interesting and fairly sensible.

     Except that there wasn't any grass.

LN Jeff