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Interesting hypothetical...

        After seeing LOST WORLD this summer, my brother and I started
debating who would win in the following fight:
        Two dozen velociraptors in an operating pack with the usual
killing claws and hand claws on the one hand and a squad of Marines, 
with full body armor, M16 rifles and M203 grenade launchers slung 
underneath the rifle barrels, all of whom have Field fighter I knives
honed to a razor-sharp edge.  Some of the Marines have standard
Mossberg 500 shotguns with 00 buckshot and extended magazines.
        My brother put his money on the raptors.  My money went on the
Marines.  Who wins the bet?  Could human beings with body armor and
rifles hold their own against raptors on the raptors' home turf?

Harold Hutchison