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Casey Tucker wrote:
> The last couple of posts that I've read on _T.rex_ have bashed Horner's
> hypothesis (and him to some extent).  Cut the man some slack.  He was doing
> the best that he could do with the evidence at hand, and that's all that
> any of us can ask.  Plus, let us keep in mind some of the cutting-edge
> info. coming out of his lab @ M.S.U. (Schweitzer's Isolation of
> Bio-Molecules in _T.rex_ bone, for example :-} ).

Cut him some slack?  Why?  Yes, the man's a brilliant paleontologist,
one who's revolutionized the field in some major ways and who's brought
dinosaurs to the public more than just about anyone else; that doesn't
mean he's right about everything.  I acknowledge all he's done and would
give my eyeteeth for the chance to work with him on a dig; still doesn't
mean I think he's right about _T._rex_.  The ecologist in me rebels at
the thought of a large terrestrial scavenger; it just doesn't fly. 
Something like a 40% hunter/60% scavenger maybe, but a pure scavenger? 
No way.  The dino just couldn't cover enough ground to make it work.

This is the way it should be; when a scientist gets to the point where
people take his word as truth without question, something's wrong.  We
should of course give the man the respect he's due (which is a helluva
lot), but that doesn't mean we should remain silent if we disagree with