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Re: Predator relationships

> From:          Chris Campbell <sankarah@ou.edu>

> > > All this talk about success rates brings me to something a bit more on
> > > topic: what were the success rates of therapod hunters?
> > 
> > I don't know.  Maybe the experts have some ideas.  I would like to
> > hear their speculation, too.  I really was intrigued by the dino
> > climbing the tree with prey.  Wish I had thought of it, even if it's
> > preposterously improbable.
> Climbing a tree wouldn't help dromies much; the Tyrannosaurs are just
> too tall to make the strategy terribly effective.  It works for leopards
> because hyenas can't climb trees and lions generally don't (they can,
> but they don't tend to, really; I think they're just not terribly
> comfortable up there, being so big and all).  Still, it's a neat idea. 
> :)
How far up would an animal have to climb to be out of harm's way? A 
rex could only get the head up so far.  I think the problem would be 
the dino climbing and that I know nothing of.  Would there have been 
suitable trees?  Ones with large limbs to support the weight?

Maybe we should take the rest of the conversation offline.