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Re: Interesting hypothetical...

Harold Hutchison wrote:

> After seeing LOST WORLD this summer, my brother and I started debating
>who    > would win in the following fight: Two dozen velociraptors in an
>operating pack > with the usual killing claws and hand claws on the one
>hand and a squad of    > Marines, with full body armor, M16 rifles and
>M203 grenade launchers slung
> underneath the rifle barrels, all of whom have Field fighter I knives
>honed to > a razor-sharp edge.  Some of the Marines have standard Mossberg
>500 shotguns  > with 00 buckshot and extended magazines. My brother put
>his money on the      > raptors. My money went on the Marines.  Who wins
>the bet?  Could human beings > with body armor and rifles hold their own
>against raptors on the raptors' home > turf?

And people *wonder* why I get so worked up over these movies? Sheesh!

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)