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George Olshevsky wrote in response to a post by Jon Wagner:

<<I'm not going to dignify Wagner's posts by answering them any more. I've
studied dinosaurs for longer than he's been on this planet, and I'm now
convinced that he is a complete ignoramus. That's it, I'm done, screw it.>>

George, you are in the wrong.  I will give you that Wagner's post was a
little more than brash, but he was absolutely correct in calling you on your
selective use of parsimony and evolutionary theory.  This was more than
annoying on your point, and has caused no end to frustration to more than one
member of this list.

I also fail to understand your point in telling us that you have studied
dinosaurs longer than Wagner's been alive.  No offense to you, but you sound
like my "older, wiser" father (again, I am not offering any offense towards
you, simply pointing something out).  I could easily counter that Wagner's,
mine, D Naish's, Tom Holtz', Mike Brett-Surmen's, Greg Paul's, Perle
Altengeral's, etc etc combined years studying dinosaurs excede your's and
Tracy's one-thousandfold.  It makes no difference, and is a moot point.

To conclude however, I join Wagner in proposing a cooling-off period.  Such
explosive fighting turns me off to scientific debate and turns people off to
the dino-list.

Peter Buchholz