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Re: TLW REARS ITS UGLY HEAD ONCE AGAIN (was Re: Predator relationships)

Brian Franczak wrote:
> Chris Campbell wrote:
> > Geez, mention one interesting point about the movie and everyone goes
> > ballistic.
> Unless you got a lot of off-list posts that I don't know about, "everyone"
> didn't go ballistic, only I did. And I apologize; upon re-reading my post,
> it does seem rather strident. Most people on this list, however, do manage
> to discuss dinosaurs without refering to JURASSIC PARK. Just a thought.

Yes, I exaggerated.  My apologies.  There was just so little I liked
about the movie that, in the interest of fairness, I generally feel
compelled to comment on the things I did like, however few they may be.