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Re: Tyrannosaur landscapes

At 07:44 PM 9/8/97 -0600, LN Jeff wrote:

>     Kirk Johnson has conducted unbeleivibly ambitious studies of the
>distribution of leaves in modern forests in an attempt to understand plant
>leaf taphonomy.  Things like mapping out every tree in a small area,
>cutting down trees and counting every single leaf, studying the local or
>outside distribution of plant leaves in stream beds, and how long these
>tend to survive.  I do not remember the details of his results, but he
>seemed to think they gave him a good understanding of what was going on
>with the Hell Creek flora.

Please remember that Tyrannosaurus was not limited to the Hell Creek
Formation, but has been recovered from a variety of different formations of
different environments (as noted by Farlow in the 1993 paper in the Ostrom

Tyrannosaurus was not JUST a forest dweller, but an upland dweller and a
lowland dweller and (to add in T. bataar) an inhabitant of fairly arid
conditions as well.  Like many modern large predators, tyrannosaurids were
not limited to a single environmental setting.

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