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Sereno and Elgin

Paul has just given a talk at Glasgow on his work in North Africa, China 
and South America.  It was well attended for an impromptu public talk 
with over 200 making it there for a 5:30 start!  Some of the images of 
the Chinese birds are amazing as well as the small dinosaur with "fur" 
that is evidently some sort of feather structure.  He is now winging his 
way to London after he has had time to see all the Scottish dinosaurs 
I've got here, and then on to Niger to dig up some sauropods.  Sounds 
like great fun ... wish I was there.

Something not quite dinosaur, but a vertebrate discovery of sorts has 
been made in Elgin, Scotland.  One of my collectors up in Elgin has 
found a skeleton of a small vertebrate, possibly mammal-like reptile 
from a quarry from which no animals have been found before.  The quarry 
is, however, covered in vertebrate and invertebrate trackways of 
Permo-triassic age.  About 20 per cent of the tracks have tail-drags 
associated with them.  Hopefully within a few years we will be able to 
find the earliest dinosaur in Scotland?!?

Hope everybody else's Summer went as well!

Neil 'Jurassic' Clark
Hunterian Museum
email: dinosaur@museum.gla.ac.uk