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Re: Tyrannosaur landscapes

In reply to Jeff Martz; Don't misunderstand, Kirk Johnson's word is law as
far as I'm concerned.  I know how hard he's been working on these problems
for many years now. I've seen the material he's collected and have been in
the field with him. on a seminar with the Pioneer Trails Museum in Bowman,
N.D. Has anyone worked harder? I just wanted to point out a possible bias
that may occur from channel and floodplain deposits. Keith Rigby had a paper
about this in the second volume of the Czerkas' _Dinosaurs, Past and
Present_. Greg Retallack has done work on Hell Creek soils that, I believe,
show a canopied forest. 
I have a difficult time imagining huge tyrannosaurs and triceratopses
(triceratopi?) romping around in a dense rain forest. If I remember
correctly, Kirk felt that the forest was fairly open. Still farther from the
great rivers the habitat may have been very different, hence the importance
of pollen and spores. 
Dan Varner.