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Re: Predator relationships

Chris Campbell wrote:
> <snip>
> Climbing a tree wouldn't help dromies much; the Tyrannosaurs are just
> too tall to make the strategy terribly effective.  
> :)
> Chris

I doubt that tyrannosaurs were particularly thick on the ground,
at least not as common as the smaller theropods. And besides,
would a tyrannosaur risk a few good slashes on the nose to get
to such a small (comparitively) morsel? Perhaps smaller
species of theropods used trees in this way to distance themselves
from the medium sized theropods. To use the leopard/lion analogie,
a smaller (1-2 metre) dromaeosaur may have climbed a tree to
escape a larger species (a 6 metre Utahraptor), either to preserve
its own kill or its own hide. I'm sure that given the right
incentive almost any small theropod could have climbed a tree. Lions
will climb if they are menaced by something dangerous. I've seen
them scramble up trees if outnumbered by hyenas or Cape buffaloes.
They aren't too happy about having to climb, but considering the
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia