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Re: Topics of *Extreme* Irritation ( take with grain of salt)

> I need to make a FEW statements of what people have said on this list.
> 1) Long Scientific Debates turn this List off to people. I don't know
>about you but that's the reason I subscribed to this WONDERFUL list. I
>*LOVE* long scientific debates and I think George will agree with me.

        I do.  I don't get quite so lathered as some about whose carpals
are the most lunate, but I enjoy listening to the real science.

> 2) Jurassic Park and Lost World. Okay, I agree with Brian that we
>should tone down on the refs to the two flicks. Though I personally
>liked both for the entertainment value and thought provoking situations
>I think we should tone down the refs.

Hear, hear.  Let dino movie enthusiasts browse the archives, since
every-damn-thing has already been said a dozen times over.


        "We weren't trying to get children to start smoking, Senator.  We just
wanted to inform people that if they didn't switch to our brand of
cigarettes, Santa wouldn't bring them any presents."