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Harold Hutchinson wrote (pers. comm.):

> I am a bit new to this dinosaur thing...
> I always found `em interesting, but never had the time to find anything...
> So much curiosity, so little time...

The DML is actually a pretty good place to hang out if you want to learn
about dinosaurs. You can lurk as long as you like, and if there's something
you want to know (a legitimate question about *real* dinosaurs) or
something you don't understand but want clarified, ASK! There are several
big-time professional dinosaur paleontologists and writers on this list,
and they are only to happy to address questions from interested laymen. No
one will flame you for asking an innocent question, even if the answer
seems obvious to someone more in-the-know than you are at this point. If
you really like dinosaurs, don't give up your enthusiasm. Personally, I
think they're the coolest animals that ever lived, that's why I became a
paleolife illustrator. I spend my days studying and researching them, and
then I get to paint their portraits. But to me (and I'm sure the majority
of people on this list) dinosaurs are cool because they were REAL, not
because of the preposterous cartoon image seen on film. Find out more about
them, study them long enough, and I'm sure you'll come to agree.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)