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Re: Tyrannosaur landscapes

MBell16766@aol.com wrote:
> In reply to Jeff Martz; Don't misunderstand, Kirk Johnson's word is law as
> far as I'm concerned.  I know how hard he's been working on these problems
> for many years now. I've seen the material he's collected and have been in
> the field with him. on a seminar with the Pioneer Trails Museum in Bowman,
> N.D. Has anyone worked harder? I just wanted to point out a possible bias
> that may occur from channel and floodplain deposits. Keith Rigby had a paper
> about this in the second volume of the Czerkas' _Dinosaurs, Past and
> Present_. Greg Retallack has done work on Hell Creek soils that, I believe,
> show a canopied forest.
> I have a difficult time imagining huge tyrannosaurs and triceratopses
> (triceratopi?) romping around in a dense rain forest. If I remember
> correctly, Kirk felt that the forest was fairly open. Still farther from the
> great rivers the habitat may have been very different, hence the importance
> of pollen and spores.

Kirk's quite right, old growth temperate forests and tropical
rainforests are quite open; there's plenty of room to move around, and
quite a bit of head room, too.  Your larger dinos wouldn't have any
trouble whatsoever moving around.

Jungle or thicket, OTOH, is a completely different story.