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Re: soft tissue

>   Question...what kind of a tongue did the old ones have,?
>was it forked like a snake ? since they had no nose did they use it
>to smell lunch, or danger,?
>                                         Earl Wood
>                                         frog@cncnet.com

Highly, highly unlikely (in fact Horner objected strongly when the first
draft of the JP Velociraptors had snakelike tongues).  Neither of the
living archosaurian groups, crocodilians or birds, have snakelike tongues.
The closest living analogue to a dinosaur tongue would be the tongue of
birds (of course, as birds are probably dinosaurs themselves it isn't
really an analogue at all but a genuine dino tongue!)

Bird tongues are very variable in both form and function, but they are
quite different from the tongues of snakes.
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