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Re: Topics of *Extreme* Irritation ( take with grain of salt)

In a message dated 97-09-10 01:20:20 EDT, m_troutman@hotmail.com (Matthew
Troutman) writes:

<<  1) Long Scientific Debates turn this List off to people. I don't know 
 about you but that's the reason I subscribed to this WONDERFUL list. I 
 *LOVE* long scientific debates and I think George will agree with me. 
 Right? >>

Sure, as long they hold promise of coming to some kind of resolution. Long
debates that go nowhere are a big waste of time.

<<  2) Jurassic Park and Lost World. Okay, I agree with Brian that we 
 should tone down on the refs to the two flicks. Though I personally 
 liked both for the entertainment value and thought provoking situations 
 I think we should tone down the refs.>>

TLW was a Hollywood monster flick in which the monsters were dinosaur
lookalikes. Sort of like Superman is a human lookalike.

<<  3) "Raptors" . GOD, I wish that they should stop saying that damn 

Now there's a jet fighter (F-22 whatever) called the Raptor. Had its maiden
flight a couple of days ago, according to the news. It better be named after
the birds...
  This email didn't live up to its title I know but I think many people 
 agree with the points I made. >>