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Interesting hypothetical..

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Harold Hutchison wrote:

>>      Two dozen velociraptors in an operating pack with the usual
>> killing claws and hand claws on the one hand and a squad of Marines, 
>> with full body armor, <Heavy Metal SNIP>.
>>Could human beings with body armor and rifles hold their own against
>> raptors on the raptors' home turf?


>Doesn't matter - we'll never know.  Don't know of any tooth, beak, muscle or
>claw that can stand up to human killing technology, though.

If we are talking raptors again, we will have to give the velociraptors the
Lockheed Martin F22 Raptor, with specially adapted claw controls.  (It flew
spectacularly this weekend, leaving camera angles and F16s trailing far
behind.)  Land/air supremacy for the velociraptors.