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> mean I think he's right about _T._rex_.  The ecologist in me rebels at
> the thought of a large terrestrial scavenger; it just doesn't fly. 
> Something like a 40% hunter/60% scavenger maybe, but a pure scavenger? 
> No way.  The dino just couldn't cover enough ground to make it work.

    If it was wandering around randomly looking for food, maybee not.
Horner's most compelling evidence (in my mind) for T.rex as a major
scavenger is the size of an olfactory bulb. If a meat eating animal had a
great enough sense of smell that it could head directly toward carcasses
miles away, its success as a scavenger would be improved dramatically.
Even Horner doesn't see T.rex as never taking down an easy prey animal, he
just sees scavenging as being predominant over hunting, and I am not
prepared to discard the idea entirely.

LN Jeff