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Paleocene Dinosaurs

I'm still reading 'Dinosaurs Past and Present Vol II' and the last article 
is on evidence of Paleocene (spell?) dinosaurs.  It involves 6 sites in and 
around the Hell Creek area where teeth were sifted.  Using the analysis of 
pollen fossils and tooth identification (especially mammal milk teeth), the 
author (don't have the book in front of me...) concludes that dinosaurs did 
survive the KT 'extinction line' at least in the Hell Creek area.

Judging from some messages a while back (not too far, only been on the list 
a year), that there was no real evidence of this kind.  Was this study 
'corrected' later?  (The book was published in '89).  Is there any evidence 
of dinosaur survival past the K-T line?