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T.rex Predation and/or scavenging

 T.rex was very obviously a predator and a scavenger. I think Horner has 
acculmulated a lot of evidence toward the scavenger theory. But the 
thing about the theory was Horner is not *really* serious about the 
theory. He has said at a lecture at the Field Museum that he just sort 
of threw it out into the ring and would see what happened. He thought 
that people too readily excepted the predator theory for the 
tyrannosaurs and he wanted, in typical Horner sense, to stir up the 
dinosaur science and make people make *SCIENTIFIC* conclusions by 
looking at the evidence. He said once he saw some really really 
*compelling* evidence that he would recant his position when that 
happened.  Now that's Science. 

 Well let's get back on topic. I used to think tyrannosaurs were 
scavengers a long long time ago. But I have shifted my position to go 
with what the evidence tells me. First of all in the vein of Bakker, the 
cnemial crest. All running animals need large, strong, and long muscles. 
The large cnemial crest obviously supports this theory that they could 
run fast. Saying that if they tripped and fell they would break their 
necks is like saying that ostriches cannot run. If you take the ant or 
insect perceptive huge animals like ostiches cannot run 50 mph! Think 
about it.

 Why would a scavenger evolve such a large head? It doesn't make sense 
that a scavenger should have such a cranium. I mean look at it. Its one 
of the biggest things I have ever seen. It provides lots of room for 
muscles and lots of bracing for the teeth. You look at the front of the 
T.rex skull and it stares back at you.

 Though this didn't accumulate a lot of evidence I hope you will all get 
the general idea. 


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