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Re: Mesozoic forests (was predator relationships)

>> Within the extant Araucariaceae we now have four species:  _Araucaria
>> heterophylla_, the Norfolk Island Pine; _Araucaria araucana_, the Monkey
>> Puzzle tree from Chile; _Araucaria bidwilli_, the Bunya Bunya Pine of
>> Australia; and the recently discovered _Wollemi nobilis_, the Wollemi Pine
>> of Australia.

A lot more than that.  The living Araucariaceae include, also, Araucaria
angustifolia of southern Brazil, the Parana Pine; A. cunninghamii, the Hoop
Pine of Australia; and about twenty species on the genus Agathis (kauri
pines).  The family reaches particularly high diversity on New Caledonia,
where there are 8 species of Araucaria, all endemic, and three endemic
species of Agathis.
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