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Re: T.rex Predation and/or scavenging

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Matthew Troutman wrote:

>  Why would a scavenger evolve such a large head? It doesn't make sense 
> that a scavenger should have such a cranium. I mean look at it. Its one 
> of the biggest things I have ever seen. It provides lots of room for 
> muscles and lots of bracing for the teeth. You look at the front of the 
> T.rex skull and it stares back at you.
>  Though this didn't accumulate a lot of evidence I hope you will all get 
> the general idea. 
>  WMattTroutman  

I fully agree with you that _T._rex_ was undoubtably both hunter and
scavenger (as are almost all modern flesh-eaters).  However, the evidence
presented above has holes, they were pointed out to me by the wonderful
Dr. Kenneth Carpenter (who also believes that _T._rex_ was both hunter 
and scavenger by the way) when I presented it to him a year and a half
ago.  The head could be so large because it had to gulp down carrion
before another rex came along and stole it away.  The large jaw muscles
might have been an adaptation to deal with bones (when a carcass had been
picked over by the original predator and there was little else left).
Though I personally find all of the predator adaptations compelling,
there is concrete evidence that _T._rex_ hunted; Denver has a skeleton of
_Edmontosaurus_ who survived a rex attack!

Not a flame attempt, partly (at least) because I find your argument
compelling too.