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Re: Raptors (please, don't worry! <JOKE>)

Jarno Peschier wrote:
> On  9 Sep 97 at 21:40, Chris Campbell wrote:
> > I could definitely see dromies climbing trees
> > to escape other dromies or other scavengers.
> Mmm... I like the sound of "dromies", somehow. It's a much better
> "laymans abbrev." than "raptor", don't you think? How about starting
> a global campaign to ban the public use of "raptor" and let everyone
> use "dromie" (or would that be "dromy") instead? Completely with
> little buttons on our webpages and all? Nah.... <wide-grin>

Hey, I support that!  Really, it's a great idea!  We could call it the
campaigh to reserve "raptor" for the birds or something.  :)