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Need dino gen list corrections 75 up

Yesterday America Online destroyed one of my major internal files with one of
their idiotic and useless interrupt messages (it arrived, unasked for, right
in the middle of a file compression--which they themselves recommended be
done--and thereby corrupted the file beyond restoration). I had to spend the
whole day recovering what I could (I couldn't even sign on to AOL for a while
afterward, and I had to restore my entire AOL directory from scratch). As a
result, I lost an entire work day, not to mention my "composure."

Anyway, amid losing about two months' worth of back e-mails that I had been
saving were Dinosaur Genera List corrections #75 and up. I'd like to restore
these if I can, so I would appreciate it if anyone out there who has happened
to save these verbatim can forward copies to me by private e-mail. Many

America Online could easily prevent these kinds of things from happening by
writing their file-updating software to be interrupt-proof. After all, these
are important files. But no...

AOL's software gradually eats up hard-drive space by accumulating back
e-mails without physically deleting them. The file compress software
physically gets rid of the deleted messages and thereby frees up space; I
reclaimed more than 50 megabytes (alas, counting e-mails that I still wanted
but were destroyed) this way. If you're on AOL, I strongly recommend doing
the compress while >offline.< That way their imbecile messages won't come up
in the middle of everything and screw you: something I didn't expect would
happen but did.

George O.