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Re: T-rex predation

Bettyc wrote:
> Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote:
> > I don't know too much about energy budgets, etc., but offhand I can't
> > think of any modern ecosystems where the *largest* carnivore is
> > primarily a scavenger.
> I can think of some pretty dang big scavengers in modern ecosystems.
> If Baleen whales don't count as 'hunters" (since they feed on
> microscopic animals, I don't think of the big ones that way-they're just
> filter feeding on other animals, not stalking, or killing or maiming
> another animal) then the next largest groups include true carnivores in
> the toothed whales and sharks which both certainly scavenge. And do we
> know what giant squid eat, and if they are hunters or scavengers?

It doesn't seem quite appropriate to bring aquatic ecosystems into this,
as they operate differently than terrestrial systems.  I certainly
wouldn't call sharks or toothed whales *primarily* scavengers (though
they certainly eat ehatever they come across); they're just like other
top predators, IIRC.  We know zilch about giant squid, and baleen whales
don't count either way.