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Re: taxon toast

zenlizard@juno.com (Sam j hogan) wrote:

> OK, when I was growing up, there was _Trachodon_; if you have been
> following the recent posts on the list, you know why that's dead.  We all
> also know (or should, by now)  about  _Brontosaurus_  being 
> _Apatosaurus_.  Dinogeorge doesn't like  _Ablysodon_  (sp?).  Question: 
> what other dinosaur genera have  been sunk, or most likely are junior
> synonyms of other genera?

For one view, see my Genus List:
I've collected a list of over 800 genera that were assigned at some point
to non-ornithothoracean Ornithodira. Names that aren't links are either
junior synonyms or genera that have turned out to belong to some other

For another view, see Stanley Friesen's page. I think that's

--T. Mike Keesey
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