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Re: T.rex Predation and/or scavenging

> "deal with bones" in what way?  Crushing? From other discussions on this
> list, T. rex's teeth were not adapted for bone crushing, per se.  Look at
> a hyena's teeth, which are adapted specifically to crush bone and extract
> marrow.  The shape of T. rex's teeth are no where near the right shape. 
> Maybe T. rex could snap bones into smaller pieces and just swallow, but I
> can't see those teeth being able to crush bones.
        You got it with snapping.  No theropod had proper dentition for
crushing food.  I should have made myself clearer.  

> Maybe he was built large to be efficient in covering lots of ground, so
> he could either find carcasses to scavenge or hunt down prey by ambush. 
> It seems T. rex has adaptations to do both hunting and scavenging, and
> since hunting and scavenging are lifestyles that share many adaptations I
> don't think we can ever conclude T. rex was predominantly a hunter or a
> scavenger.  Like any good survivor, T. rex was an opportunist and did
> whatever came easiest in that particular situation.
> Judy Molnar

Sounds good, I agree with your last stand especially.  Also, thanks for
setting me straight on the turkey vulture (another msg), but do all
vultures have smell?