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Re: Raptors (please, don't worry! <JOKE>)

We like this idea too -- on the principal the pro anything is more
effective than anti anything.

Does someone want to come up with the official spelling for Dromies? eg.
Dromey or Dromie or Dromee or Drohmee.  What shall it be?

Who will design the Dromey logo?

Can we have Velocies, too, please?


Chris Campbell wrote:

> Jarno Peschier wrote:
> >
> > On  9 Sep 97 at 21:40, Chris Campbell wrote:
> >
> > > I could definitely see dromies climbing trees
> > > to escape other dromies or other scavengers.
> >
> > Mmm... I like the sound of "dromies", somehow. It's a much better
> > "laymans abbrev." than "raptor", don't you think? How about starting
> > a global campaign to ban the public use of "raptor" and let everyone
> > use "dromie" (or would that be "dromy") instead? Completely with
> > little buttons on our webpages and all? Nah.... <wide-grin>
> Hey, I support that!  Really, it's a great idea!  We could call it the
> campaigh to reserve "raptor" for the birds or something.  :)
> Chris

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