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RE: "Interesting" hypothetical: marines vs. Velociraptor

Haven't we already seen this film in a different venue? I seem to
remember a troop of marines tagging along with Segornia Weaver
(spelling?) battling vicious aliens (looked as mean as velociraptors) on
an alien planet. The movie, Aliens, seems to fit this bill quite well
with the aliens beating the tar out of the marines with Weaver saving
the day. By the way, are these the 3 foot velociraptors that are
fighting the marines or the beefed up Utahraptor?

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> Subject:      "Interesting" hypothetical: marines vs. Velociraptor
> I'll place my money on the marines.  Given that Velociraptor is over
> 70 million
> years DEAD, they aren't going to put up much of a fight. :-)
> Or
> Give ME the time machine that the marines are using: I could put it to
> much
> more creative (as opposed to destructive) use.
> Or
> Tell those marines to get off of Isla Sorna: we're trying to arrange
> an SVP
> field trip, and don't want those jerks ruining things.
> Or
> Pick up your favorite game system and work out the details yourself.
> Steve
> Jackson Games GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System) has game
> mechanics to work out the scenario you envision: pick up GURPS
> Dinosaurs for
> the stats on the dromaeosaurids, and the appopriate sourcebooks for
> the
> military hardware and skills.
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