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Re: "Interesting" hypothetical: marines vs. Velociraptor

Simon, Robert (risi) wrote:
> Haven't we already seen this film in a different venue? I seem to
> remember a troop of marines tagging along with Segornia Weaver
> (spelling?) battling vicious aliens (looked as mean as velociraptors) on
> an alien planet. The movie, Aliens, seems to fit this bill quite well
> with the aliens beating the tar out of the marines with Weaver saving
> the day. By the way, are these the 3 foot velociraptors that are
> fighting the marines or the beefed up Utahraptor?

Well, there's a slight difference between fighting overgrown dromies and
silicon-based lifeforms with acid for blood who can survive in vacuum
and tear through steal doors. 

Now, if we're talking Velociraptors it's pretty obvious the marines
would win easily.  Think of them fighting a pack of wild dogs and you
have a pretty good analogy.  Deinonychus and other, similarly sized
dromies would be a different matter; I think these would have the
strength and leverage needed to force their claws through heavy kevlar
(you can do it with a good knife, so they might well be able to), but
they'd need surprise or heavy cover to take advantage of this. 
Utahraptor would be no contest, so long as the marines didn't have the
advantage of open terrain (in which case they'll bead just about
anything that doesn't fire back); half-ton therapods would just tear
through the marines with minimal difficulty, assuming they could get in

So, to recap, with Velociraptors I'd bet on the marines hands down, with
Deinonychus it'd depend (but I'd still probably go with the marines) and
with Utahraptor I'd go with the dinos unless things started out at long