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Re: T-rex predation

Bettyc wrote:

>I can think of some pretty dang big scavengers in modern ecosystems.
>the next largest groups include true carnivores in
>the toothed whales and sharks which both certainly scavenge. And do we
>know what giant squid eat, and if they are hunters or scavengers?   

Many thanks to all those out there who saw the word *primary* in my 
original post and actually got my point.  Which, to recap, is:

Yes, yes, yes, almost any meat-eater out there will scavenge if the 
opportunity presents, including (but not limited to) sharks, whales, 
lions, tigers, hyenas, wolves, and a whole host of modern and extinct 
animals, no doubt including both dromaeosaurs and tyrannosaurs.

My point is that all of the above, probably including tyrannosaurs, 
are also active predators.  The big cats, big dogs, bears, toothed 
whales, sharks, etc. are the largest carnivores in their respective 
ecosystems and they are not PRIMARILY scavengers.  Therefore, I would 
be surprised if tyrannosaurs, being the largest carnivores in their 
ecosystems, were PRIMARILY scavengers.

I don't know if this is an accurate assessment or not.  But its a lot 
more accurate than the straw man presented above, which seems to 
imply that I said that no large carnivores will scavenge.

Sorry if this post seems a little strident, I just don't dig on 
getting roasted for things I never said or (to my knowledge) even 

Matt Wedel