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new refs

Sorry to clutter up the list with a message that isn't about airplanes,
Steven Speilberg, Michael Crichton, special marine attack forces, or
Hollywood, but I thought there might still be one or two people out there
who were interested in paleontology.

Here are a few new refs from the last couple of weeks.

M. Matsukawa & T. Hamuro & S. Fujii 1997, "First trackway evidence of
gregarious dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous Tetori Group of eastern
Toyama prefecture, central Japan", Cretaceous Research, 18(4):603-.

Anonymous 1997, "What really killed the dinosaurs?  Was it the short, sharp
shock of an asteroid? Or did a slow, deadly cocktail of causes see them off?
New Scientist sifts through the evidence", New Scientist, 155(2055):22-.

On a related note...

JT Geological magazine
DA JUL 01 1997 v 134 n 4
PG 553
AU Buffetaut, E.
AU Laurent, Y.
AU Bilotte, M.
TI A terminal Cretaceous giant pterosaur from the French Pyrenees

Paleobotany stuff...

JT South african journal of geology
DA JUN 01 1997 v 100 n 2
PG 157
AU Roberts, D.L.
AU Bamford, M.
AU Millsteed, B.
TI Permo-Triassic macro-plant fossils in the Fort Grey silcrete, East London

JT Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
DA AUG 19 1997 v 94 n 17
PG 9188
AU Bremer, Kare
AU Gustafsson, Mats H.  G.
TI East Gondwana ancestry of the sunflower alliance of families

JT Journal of plant research
DA JUN 01 1997 v 110 n 1098
PG 283
AU Takahashi, M.
TI Fossil Spores and Pollen Grains of Cretaceous (Upper Campanian) from
   Sakhalin, Russia

Tempe, Arizona