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Re: T.rex Predation and/or scavenging

Judy Molnar writes;

>Like any good survivor, T. rex was an opportunist and did
>whatever came easiest in that particular situation.

Which is common for all predators, since it has to use energy is required to 
get it's meal (the economic idea of spending money so you can make money; i.e. 

Throughout this thread, some of the common themes sound suspiciously similar to 
what people were saying about great white sharks a few years back.  When I was 
growing up, people kept saying that, although these sharks were big, they were 
innefficient as active predators.  I also heard commentators say that these 
were rather slow sharks.  Even though these ideas came from shark-cage 
encounters, where high-speed predation isn't needed, it was taken as the norm 
for the species.  Further reports of white shark stomachs containing all kinds 
of wierd garbage reinforced the idea that these sharks were merely scavangers.

A couple of years back, this picture of white sharks has changed.  Recent, and 
relatively non-biased research has shown that these are cunning, efficent, and 
FAST predators (a video camera that had been placed on a floating board by the 
researchers was attacked by a white shark; believe me, that fish can move!!!).  
In the Meditteranian Sea, sharks have been found to take tuna and bottle-nose 
dolphins when the opportunity arose.  Again, it was seen that this animal will 
scavange dead fish/sharks/whales when it gets the chance (one report said that 
sharks in some areas may get their entire food supply from scavanging dead 
whales).  Yet, the shark is not against hunting food for itself.

Along similar lines to what others have said, a big predator, like a 
tyrannosaur or albertosaur, is certainly not prevented from active hunting.  It 
will cheat when it gets a chance, and scavange, but if a live meal is 
attainable, it probably wouldn't have passed it up.


Rob Meyerson

"Keep your stick on the ice."
        -Red Green