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Re: T.rex Predation and/or scavenging

>Very interesting. I have taken PRECISELY the same position with respect 
>the hypothesis of segnosaurs as theropods. When Jack works that way, 
>science; when I work that way, I'm being obdurate. I guess that's the 
>difference between Jack and me, eh? Another difference: I think I'm 
right, in
>this case; that is, I don't think "compelling evidence" that segnosaurs 
>theropods is ever going to turn up.

 I didn't say you were being " obdurate" I just disagree. ( That is if 
you were refering to me.) 
 But regarding "compelling evidence", nothing is for certain in the 
study of past life and there isn't any compelling evidence for *any* 
 But that's just one little guy's opinion. 


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