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Re: slightly off topic

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<< hello everyone, and i'm sorry if you didn't want this, but with all the
 "emotions" JP and TLW stirs up, I thought this might interest some of you.
 <<      Forbes magazine's ranking of the 40 highest-paid entertainers
 and their estimated gross income for 1996-97:
       1. Steven Spielberg, $313 million.
       2. George Lucas, $241 million.
       3. Oprah Winfrey, $201 million.
       4. Michael Crichton, $102 million.>>
 I've seen some people speak the name Spielberg and Crichton as if it were a
 curse word.  this will probably really upset them.  I just thought it was

Alright, it may be true that Spielberg and Crichton result in the up-stirring
of unsettling emotions but a word on Mr. Crichton's behalf:  I think it is
very unwise to boycott his works (if any of you are so inclined to).  He is
one of the most brilliant authors of this era.  His stories are vivid
creations of science (not just paleontology).  You must admit that the idea
behind Jurassic Park is pretty creative, no?