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Referred books

>> But just in case, I suggest finding a good and relatively current book
>> about dinosaurs, and reading it from cover to cover. "Archosauria" by
>> (McLaughlin?) comes to mind; "The Dinosaur Heresies" by Robert Bakker is
>> very good, but is written at a very conceptual level putting forth
>> sweeping theories concerning animals you don't yet understand the
>> facts about; "The Dinosaur Enclyclopedia" published by the Dinosaur
>> Society (I think--my copy was lost in a home disaster) will provide an
>> excellent source of concrete-level reference material about every
>> then-known dinosaur.

    Yow, I sure wouldn't consider The Dino Society's Dinosaur Encyclopedia
worth referring, unless of course the idea was disinformation (clever!). .
.  The Archosauria is a good book but the only edition I've seen (at
school) was printed in 1978.  Heresies is. . . well, it's Heresies, and I'm
glad I have my copy.

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