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Re: Semper Die

> From the start, the problem I had with the movie dromies is their depiction as
> obsessed killing machines.  There is definitely a coolness factor for the
> action-movie fan to have all those claws and teeth flailing about.

True, and things would be a bit boring if, on chasing humans to a
building (and let's face it, soft critters with no horns or appreciable
claws or teeth or anything would make good meals, especially when their
top speed is something like 20 mph), they just sniffed around for a few
minutes and then wandered off looking for their normal, no doubt
abundant prey.  It'd also be pretty dull if _T. rex_ showed absolutely
no interest in humans whatsoever, seeing as how they're comparatively
about the size of a rat and not much more than a mouthful.  

So what's the solution?  No movie maybe?  Oooooh, aaaaaah . . . 
> But WHY would any animal (aliens excluded) go on such a mass killing spree,
> regardless of size, intelligence, metabolism?

Heck, why would an alien do this?  Dysfunctional and xenophobic
governments aside, I can't really see why alien civilizations would even
care about us when we don't even have FTL travel.  Our threat potential
is absolutely nil, and it's not like there's anything on Earth that
can't be found in quantity in a zillion other places in the universe.  

Well, heck, once you apply the spectre of rationality to SF you nuke
most of it.  Yikes.
> *sigh* Such an incredibly one-dimensional depiction.

Yeah, but we demand our entertainment, after all.  And let's face it,
there's not much from reality that will be both entertaining and concise
enough to stick in a movie.  One or the other, maybe, but both?  Not too