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Re: T-rex predation

Dann Pigdon wrote:
> Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote:
> > > I don't know too much about energy budgets, etc., but offhand I can't
> > > think of any modern ecosystems where the *largest* carnivore is
> > > primarily a scavenger.
>         Crocodiles for a start. In some parts of northern Australia
> crocs feed almost exclusively on the remains of cattle that become
> bogged in the mud besides waterholes. And the crocodile is the
> largest living carnivore in Australia (and an archosaur to boot).

But you're talking one population.  It's safe to say this doesn't
necessarily apply to crocs as a whole; on the Serengeti, for example,
they chomp antelope by the dozens.  No need for scavenging when you can
just sit in a waterhole and wait for a tommy to stick its head in your
mouth . . .