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Re: T-rex predation: SAY WHAT?

Very interesting article available at www.nando.net, H&S section.  Dr.
Theagarten Lingham-Soliar 
argues that T-rex "hunted and ran fast", and was a "shake feeder" (a la
sharks and killer whales etc.).  That is, it picked up the prey in its jaws
and shook it back and forth until a piece was ripped out.  He bases the
theory on T-Rex's "heavily reinforced skull, a characteristic of such
predators, and tiny forelimbs, another characteristic.  Interesting, but the
article ascribes the following to Mr. Lingham-Soliar:

[Soliar said ] the huge dinosaur -- which grew as high as 65 feet and could
reach 98 feet in total length -- hunted and ran fast.

Okay, is a) Lingham-Soliar smoking something, b) did T-Rex get this big, or
c) (my personal favorite) did the reporter mangle a quote?


M.J. Murphy

The Shapes of Things are Dumb.
-L. Wittgenstein