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Re: T-rex predation

Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote
>I've got a couple of questions.  First, I'm primarily interested in 
>the Lower Cretaceous and my knowledge of the Late Cretaceous lacks 
>depth.  That said, I have the impression that the spectrum of 
>late K carnivores has dromaeosaurs at the small end, tyrannosaurs at 
>the large end, and not a whole lot in between.  Is this accurate?  

IIRC, the distribution of the predatory dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous, as
described by Archibauld in his book on KT-extinction event, was from
Velociraptor (~50 kg) through Dromeosaurus (~100 kg), Abelisaurus (~450
kg), Albertosaur (~2 ton) to T.rex (>4 t). So there was a good distribution of
the predators occupying each size group.

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk