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Re: Paleocene Dinosaurs

At 03:09 PM 9/10/97 -0400, Tomporowski, Steve wrote:
>I'm still reading 'Dinosaurs Past and Present Vol II' and the last 
>article is on evidence of Paleocene (spell?) dinosaurs.  ...
>...  Was this study 
>'corrected' later?  (The book was published in '89).

It was refuted (though I think the study still contains some important data
- it just doesn't mean what the Rigby thinks it does).

The main refutation is found in the monograph:

        Lofgren, Donald L., 1995. "The Bug Creek Problem and the
        Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition at McGuire Creek, Montana."
        Univ. of California Publication in Geological Sciences
        vol. 140.  Univ. of California Press.

Roughly, it turns out that some of the stream beds Rigby thought
were post-Cretaceous were in fact Cretaceous.  When this correction
is made, all the sites with abundant teeth turn out to be K.  And
the remaining teeth are in about the right numbers to be reworked.

>  Is there any evidence 
>of dinosaur survival past the K-T line?

Other than birds, no.

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