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Re: T-rex predation

At 09:15 PM 9/10/97 -0700, Bettyc wrote:
>I can think of some pretty dang big scavengers in modern ecosystems.
>If Baleen whales don't count as 'hunters" (since they feed on
>microscopic animals, ...

I wouldn't call them scavengers either.

More like grazers that happen to graze on animals instead of plants.

> then the next largest groups include true carnivores in
>the toothed whales and sharks which both certainly scavenge.

The issue is whether a carnivore *will* scavenge, given the opportunity.
Almost all will - a free meal is, well, free, and shouldn't be passed up.
(Heck, lions scavenge a great deal, when they can).

The issue is the *predominant* source of nourishment.

> And do we
>know what giant squid eat, and if they are hunters or scavengers?   
Active hunters, as far as we can tell. (But we know little about these
creatures, as they are very hard to observe alive).

Also, aquatic ecosystems have different rules than terrestrial ones.  The
energy budgets are different.  Swimming is more like flying than walking.

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